Jeffrey D. Ross, MBS, LPC

Jeffrey D. Ross
Jeffrey D. Ross, MBS, LPC

Jeffrey has worked in mental health counseling for the past eight years and believes that patients have within them the ability for amazing change. He works with patients to discover barriers to personal growth and helps them overcome obstacles within their lives. Working from the Reality Therapy/Choice Theory perspective, he believes that through problem identification, planning, and commitment to better choices, patients have within them a capacity for growth and positive change.

He has worked with patients from many different backgrounds to specialize in anxiety, depression, anger management, relationship issues, and LGBT issues. He is at ease exploring the complexities of modern relationships and personal issues. He holds a firm commitment to supportive counseling and has experience providing the structure and support patients need in order to make progress. Collaboration is key to his approach; he provides a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere where patients can focus on their issues.

His work with patients allows them an opportunity to explore their motivation behind behavioral choices and the consequences of those choices as they relate to the relationship issues and challenges they face. Through a collaborative effort, Jeffrey works with patients to examine their goals for change and reconcile the differences between where they want to be and where their choices have taken them (or continue to take them). Jeffrey will work with you to help move toward positive change and experience the life you visualize for yourself.

Jeffrey enjoys travel, painting, gaming, pop art and meditation.