Is TMS right for you?

In a multicenter study, Brainway deep TMS depression treatment was tested for treating major depressive disorder treatment patients who previously used antidepressants unsuccessfully. This study found the treatment to bring significant improvements to patients. The FDA has declared this treatment for depression patients who haven’t been provided satisfactory treatment previously. The process is generally well treated and there is no adverse effect found for you. Results suggest that H-coil deep TMS administered continuation treatment can help maintain an antidepressant effect for 18 weeks, following 4 weeks of acute treatment. This treatment has also been successfully tested at Canada’s McGill University with treatment resistant patients. Response (signifying an improvement of at least 50% in depression related symptoms) and reemissions (HDRS-21 scores, which rate depressive symptoms, lower than 10) rates were an impressive 70.6 and 41.2% respectively.